September 22, 2013

Why I’m Watching $CME Closely

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Written by: Kay Kim



Last Update: 10.16.13


9.22.13 Sunday


Can it do it again?

9-22-2013 8-09-05 PM

It seems that once $CME breaks out of the declining channel formations, it has proclivities to move in this MOSTROUS bullish run. My question is, can it do it again?  I will be watching…

Here are some more compelling bullish signs.


Bullish Divergences

*Chart screened at 9:25am CST on 9/24/13

9-24-2013 9-25-53 AM

Daily MACD bullish Divergence

9-24-2013 9-26-45 AM

Daily Stoch, RSI, MFI Bullish Divergence

Daily 50EMA to Watch

9-24-2013 12-59-19 PM

We might get choppy in this vicinity but once we bounce from the daily 50EMA, I think we might get some big moves on this stock.

Weekly Chart

*Chart updated on 10/5/13
10-5-2013 11-43-34 AM

Weekly chart is setting up so nicely that if we don’t breakout next week, it’s just your luck!


10.16.13 Wednesday


Breaking Out!

*9:51am CST

10-16-2013 9-51-36 AM

Finally $CME broke out this morning and I think its going to continue and this could be the start of a HUGE move!


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Kay Kim
Kay Kim
Kay Kim is a equity-market options trader/investor, the Founder of TrueVine Capital, Inc. and the Owner/CFO of Lucky Klover, Inc. . Kay has been involved with the market since 2007 with extensive & intensive research and development on technical analysis. Though Kay may not have 20+ years of experience, he makes it up with his in-depth technical analysis knowledge and long-term forecasts.

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