My Story

Kay Kim
A Janitor

I was born in Seoul, South Korea, and I immigrated to US to live with my aunt and uncle while I was just about 8th grade (14 years old) until my parents came to US 5 years later.  In my early 20's--the most young & "flashy" days, I've started my submissive beginning as a janitor along side with my mom and dad to help out the family to make ends meet.  I most absolutely hated, dreaded and despised the work--but the work continued on for the next 7 years.  Through the most hated 7 years of my life, I've learned the most important life lessons as it humbled me and shaped me; and the work, subsequently, became my mentor.  I currently sit at the seat of the CFO/owner of the very company I was working for cleaning dirty, stinky and retching public toilets every night. 

A College Drop Out

I don't have the financial background, never worked for investment banks (or any banks for that matter), nor did I have any successful mentors who could have guided me.  I am a college drop out mainly because I couldn't afford it and wasn't smart enough to receive scholarships.  I didn't have any special talents, never were a good athlete (and no, I don't know any karate), and never were top of my class in any subjects. 


The Agonizing Years

In late 2007, with a ferocious determination to master this market, I've begun my research. Day and night; I've read, I've studied, and I've scrutinized the market and took it apart piece-by-piece, and I was fiercely determined that I wasn't going to live my life until I figure this out.  Finally, after the agonizing years (I mean years!!) of intensive and extensive inquest to master this market, I have cultivated and established my own philosophy and strategy in trading and investing. With my prodigiously systematic approach and a high level of utmost-discipline I've cultivated over the years, my journey began in the world of trading & investing to beat any Wall Street fund managers.  Finally, I've found what I was born to do.


The Infamous Article

In 2012, I started to write and publish articles about stocks here on my blog. And in the September of that year, I published an article titled, "10 Reasons Why I'm Extremely Bearish on Apple (AAPL);" in which the article kind of went viral because the stock crashed 40% after the article. This was when people started to follow me on Twitter and through my blog. Subsequently, I started to receive inquires from traders and investors that I should teach and alert next stock picks. So, in the March of 2013 my first ever trading service was born (which I had no intention of when I first opened my blog). I also write and publish articles at since 2016.