My Story

Kay Kim

I was born in Seoul, South Korea, and I immigrated to US to live with my aunt and uncle while I was just about 8th grade (14 years old) until my parents came to US 5 years later.  In my early 20's, in my most young & "flashy" days, I had no choice but to become a janitor along side with my mom and dad, and do the work I most hated and absolutely dreaded & despised.  And at that time I didn't realize that it was going to be the most pivotal years of my life, as I currently sit at the seat of the CFO of the very company I've worked for cleaning dirty, stinky, and retching toilets every night. 

I don't have the financial background, never worked for investment banks (or any banks for that matter), nor did I have any successful mentors who could have guided me.  I am a college drop out, mainly because I couldn't afford it and wasn't smart enough to receive scholarships.  I didn't have any special talents, never were a good athlete (and no, I don't know any karate), and was never a top of my class in any subjects-I was just a normal and average guy.

The stock market had always fascinated my curiosity since the early age, but I've never really had the courage to be involved in it until late 2007.  First, I was just observing and and watching major news media to find out how to invest and trade.  After a while looking at things and observing and playing little bit of my savings, I've realized this isn't a place where anyone can make money in a consistent basis.  

So, with a ferocious determination to master this market I've begun my research. I've read, I've studied, and I've scrutinized the market and took it apart piece-by-piece and I was fiercely determined that I wasn't going to live my life until I figure this out.  Finally, after years (I mean years!!) of intensive and extensive inquest with plenty of hopeless nights and multiple failures with suffering consequences, I have cultivated and established my own philosophy in trading and investing. With my prodigiously systematic approach and a high level of utmost discipline I've cultivated over the years, my journey began in the world of trading & investing to beat any fund managers in Wall Street.  

I've been writing my thoughts and analysis of financial markets here on my financial blog, Traders Club, since 2012.