$AAPL The Level Where I Would Like 2 Go Long

Intro Please keep in mind that I am not calling the top here, and definitely this is NOT the level to start short-selling, neither.  I’ve been asked regarding Apple and what level I would be willing to initiate position...
by Kay Kim


$AAPL Head Bumps

7.16.14 Wednesday Long Term Resistance Daily Chart With the ER coming up on the 22nd, it seems like $AAPL is having hard time at this resistance level, and no surprises there since it (this resistance line) has pretty impress...
by Kay Kim


Life beginning on wasteland

$AAPL Earnings Drop & Surviving Check-List

Related Article 1.15.14 “$AAPL Target Price $700 in 2014“ 1.28.14 Tuesday [Click 2 Enlarge] [Step 1] We must stay above this pivot level of $510ish.  Currently we are sandwiched between $510-$505 pivot level but I...
by Kay Kim


$AAPL Target Price $700 in 2014

Last Update: 1.23.14 1.15.14 Wednesday [Double Top Nullification] Last Wednesday, I wrote an article regarding this double top reversal formation (see article here) informing that the cautionary signals are rising but I have st...
by Kay Kim



$AAPL EXPLODE (My Long Trade)

Last Update: 1.29.14 Related Article 1.15.14 “$AAPL Target Price $700 in 2014“ 1.15.14 Wednesday [At Open] Entered Calls @ $553.52 [At Close] $AAPL ready to explode again?  After that inverted hammer reversal candl...
by Kay Kim

trouble sign

Five Troubling Signs of $AAPL

1.08.14 Wednesday [1] Double Top Confirmation Daily Line Chart Technically, double top is now confirmed because we broke below the neckline. It can be nullified if it can closes above this level with solid bullish candle and r...
by Kay Kim


$AAPL Stair-Stepping

Last Update: 12.8.13 Related Articles 10.22.13 “$AAPL Two Charts with $530 Resistance Warning“ 10.11.13 “$AAPL Ready 2 Explode“ 10.10.13 “AMAZINGLY BULLISH $SPY $IWM $XLF $AAPL [VIDEO]“ 09.23.13 “...
by Kay Kim



$AAPL Two Charts with $530 Resistance Warning

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by Kay Kim


$AAPL Working with ADX [VIDEO]

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by Kay Kim



$AAPL Ready 2 Explode

Last Update: 10.22.13 Related Articles 10.10.13 “AMAZINGLY BULLISH $SPY $IWM $XLF $AAPL [VIDEO]” 9.23.13 “$AAPL Levels I am Watching (Part 3)“ 10.11.13 Friday Symmetrical Triangle *10:51am CST If we bre...
by Kay Kim


$AAPL Levels I am Watching (Part 3)

Last Update: 10.13.13 Related Articles 8.25.13 “How I Traded $AAPL from $403-$499“ 10.10.13 “AMAZINGLY BULLISH $SPY $IWM $XLF $AAPL [VIDEO]“ 10.11.13 “$AAPL Ready 2 Explode“ 9.23.13 Monday Ne...
by Kay Kim


$AAPL Levels I Am Watching (Part 2)

Related Article(s) 9.8.13 “$AAPL Levels I Am Watching“ 9.14.13 Saturday Daily 50EMA After forming that double top formation, it gaped down big and trying to reclaim that 50EMA for about three days and failed last Fr...
by Kay Kim