May 14, 2013

Breaking Out! $MDY $XLF $DIA $SPY $JNJ $CVX $C $BAC $GS $V $NSC

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Written by: Kay Kim

5.14.13 Tuesday


$MDY: Bullish Pennant Breakout

5-14-2013 9-54-17 AM

$XLF: Bullish Pennant Breakout

5-14-2013 9-56-44 AM

$DIA: Bullish Pennant Breakout

5-14-2013 9-57-49 AM

$SPY: Bullish Pennant Breakout

5-14-2013 9-59-01 AM

$JNJ: Bullish Ascending Triangle Breakout

5-14-2013 10-00-48 AM

$CVX: Bullish Stair-Step Breakout

5-14-2013 10-02-43 AM

$C: Bullish Pennant Breakout

5-14-2013 10-06-13 AM

$BAC: Bullish Pennant Breakout

5-14-2013 10-07-05 AM

$GS: Bullish Flag Breakout

5-14-2013 10-10-16 AM

$V: Bullish Pennant Breakout

5-14-2013 12-34-58 PM

$NSC: Bullish Flag Breakout

5-14-2013 12-38-20 PM

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Kay Kim
Kay Kim
Kay Kim is a full time equity market options trader, the Founder of TrueVine Capital, Inc. and the Owner/CFO of Lucky Klover, Inc. Kay has been trading the market since 2007 with extensive research and development on technical analysis. Though Kay may not have 20+ years of experience, he makes it up with his aggressive style of trading with in-depth technical analysis.

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