May 6, 2013

My Bullish Story on $BIDU

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Written by: Kay Kim

Last Update5.14.13


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5.6.13 Monday


Long Since 4.26.13 @ $84.63

(Chart screened on 4.26.13)

4-26-2013 9-06-39 AM

On April 26th $BIDU gaped down after ER result but I had reasons to believe that we had more upside potential from this level as I talk about that potential on this comprehensive analysis on $BIDU. So I decided to take action and made decision to go long on $BIDU at around $84.63.

Added More @ $86.34 Earlier Today

(Chart screened today hour before close)

5-6-2013 2-13-27 PM

Well it has been 6 boring days of sideways movement but seems like we are finding some upside strength today.  However despite of it’s strong bullish move today, I do think volume is rather weak (looking at the size of it’s candle and comparing it with 4/25’s candle) so I won’t be surprised to see some slowdown for few days before continuing.  $BIDU has been consolidating for a while now since mid March so it will be nice to see some volume coming as it starts to find momentum to the upside so it can break that 92.50 resistance (red upper horizontal resistance).


5.7.13 Tuesday


Added More This Morning @ $89.24

5-7-2013 11-09-28 AM

50EMA (pink) has been acted as resistance in mid April so I am hoping to see $BIDU close above 50EMA with good volume today.Bulls will need to find some momentum to break that $92 resistance.  So far looking great but it will be important to see which candle it closes with and if we can close above 50EMA.


5.8.13 Wednesday


Added More This Morning @ $90.09

(10mins after opening)

5-8-2013 8-33-38 AM

$92.30 (recent high) is today’s target

Closed 1/2 of my Bullish Positions @ $93.00

(2 hours 15mins before close)

5-8-2013 12-49-28 PM

(blue box = gap area)

Closed 1/2 of my positions and riding the other half.  I do think $BIDU wants to taste that rainbow (gap) and it is gravitating towards it however I am concerned about the volume today because we have bigger candle today than what we had on the April 25th but volume is much lower.  We will need at least higher volume than yesterday to continue higher otherwise expecting some pull back here which I don’t think it’s a bad move.


5.9.13 Thursday


Closed 1/3 of my remaining positions @ $95.06

5-9-2013 10-57-39 AM

Still holding all of my remaining positions here. We did break above recent resistance of $92-$93 and now soaring and looks very good so far however there are few things I am putting into consideration.

  1. $BIDU is now in contact with 100SMA so something to watch out for.  (On January 3rd, 100SMA caused $BIDU to form a shooting star reversal after a bullish rally and it pulled back for three days.)
  2. Downtrend channel resistance from mid April of 2012.  Very solid resistance at around $98 level.

5.10.13 Friday


Closed another 1/3 of remaining positions @ $94.74

5-10-2013 3-06-39 PM

It is continue to grind higher and looks like it will continue given the fact that 100SMA hasn’t been much of resistance yet.


5.14.13 Tuesday


Closed Out Remaining Positions @ $92.06

5-14-2013 7-10-58 PM

*Complete time table of swing trade 4.26.13 – 5.14.13.

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Kay Kim
Kay Kim
Kay Kim is a equity-market options trader/investor, the Founder of TrueVine Capital, Inc. and the Owner/CFO of Lucky Klover, Inc. . Kay has been involved with the market since 2007 with extensive & intensive research and development on technical analysis. Though Kay may not have 20+ years of experience, he makes it up with his in-depth technical analysis knowledge and long-term forecasts.

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