April 27, 2013

$IWM $RUT – Researching 13 Years of H&S Reversal Formations [VIDEO]

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Written by: Kay Kim
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4.27.13 Saturday


Looking at $IWM from 2000 to 2013

(Russell 2000 ETF)

Watch it on 720p HD


Bonus Charts:

Dow Industrial ($INDU) vs Dow Transport ($TRAN)

Dow Theory: “Major trend must be confirmed by simultaneous  movement of the Dow Jones Industrial Average ($INDU or $DJIA) and the Dow Jones Transport Average ($TRAN or $DJT) to new highs or lows”

4-28-2013 7-19-20 PM

Close Up $INDU vs $TRAN

4-28-2013 7-40-13 PM

S&P500 ($SPX) vs Russell 2000 ($RUT)

4-28-2013 8-03-12 PM

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Kay Kim
Kay Kim
Kay Kim is a equity-market options trader/investor, the Founder of TrueVine Capital, Inc. and the Owner/CFO of Lucky Klover, Inc. . Kay has been involved with the market since 2007 with extensive & intensive research and development on technical analysis. Though Kay may not have 20+ years of experience, he makes it up with his in-depth technical analysis knowledge and long-term forecasts.

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