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balloon Index

S&P 500 The Balloon $SPY $SPX $DIA $QQQ $IWM $IYT [Part 3]

Related Articles 6.20.14 “S&P 500 The Balloon $SPY $SPX [Part 1]“ 7.02.13 “S&P 500 The Balloon $SPX $SPX $DIA $QQQ $IWM [Part 2]“ 7.20.14 Sunday S&P 500 Index [$SPX Daily Chart from the Past Article] [$SPY Daily Chart from Last Thursday] [$SPY Daily Chart] As we talked about on my last market update that, as long […]

launch Analysis

$TLT Launch Sequence on Treasury Bond [Part 2]

Related Article 5.14.14 “$TLT Launch Sequence on Treasury Bond.. [Part 1]“ 7.17.14 Thursday We have been heavily positioned with Call Options (LEAPS) on Treasury Bond ($TLT) since late March as I have talked about on my previous article.  So it has been almost 4 months now that we have been holding our positions on this name.  […]

700 Analysis

$GOOGL $GOOG “The 700 Club”

Related Article 6.25.14 “$GOOGL Running Up with Google“ 6.27.14 Friday Inverted H&S Confirmation Daily-Chart screened @ 11:12am CT Actually Inverted H&S was in it’s 1st stage confirmation on the 23rd which was our long setup at that time.  last few days, we did fully confirm this Inverted H&S, and staying up very well so far.   We […]

kitten Analysis

$SLV $GLD $GDX The Transformation (Targets by 2017)

Related Article 2.16.14 “$GLD Why I Think Gold Has Bottomed“ 6.19.14 Thursday Intro I believe we are seeing the early stage of a major bottoming signals on the precious metals and miners.  I am talking MAJOR BOTTOMING signals.  Obviously there are still some levels it needs to clear before fully confirming, but I think 2014 will be […]

tesla Analysis

$TSLA Going Back Up [Target Price $340]

Last Update: 6.30.14 6.17.14 Tuesday Important Technical Facts [This analysis was done last night - Daily Chart] I see several things in the technicals that could help us to gauge and forecast Uptrend support held and sustained (red line) Yesterday, broke-out to the upside with authority above the resistance level (blue dotted line) Last time […]

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Visa, A Clear Path $V

Last Update: 7.20.14 7.8.14 Tuesday [11:31am CT] Entered Calls @ $214.25 Old resistance new support (see arrows) 100SMA coinciding at that level as well Higher lows and higher highs in place This is a good level for possible bo...
by Kay Kim


$GOOGL Running Up with Google

Last Update: 7.24.14 Related Article 6.27.14 “$GOOGL $GOOG “The 700 Club” 6.25.14 Wednesday The Setup Inverted H&S confirmation Closed well above downtrend resistance (blue dotted) Closed well above recent...
by Kay Kim



$SLV I Believe I Can Fly

Last Update: 7.11.14 Related Article 6.19.14 “$SLV $GLD $GDX The Transformation (Targets by 2017)“ 6.19.14 Thursday The Critical Level [Daily Chart with MACD] So we have been long on Silver (long-term positions) 3-4...
by Kay Kim


$RGLD My Gold Digger

Last Update: 7.20.14 6.18.14 Wednesday [8:35am CT] Entered Calls @ $68.20 Old resistance new support (See arrows).  I have been patiently watching this miner for sometime now and I finally got my chance to go long this morning...
by Kay Kim




Last Update: 7.24.14 6.18.14 Wednesday Our Setup Inverted H&S confirmed Neckline retested & bounced (see arrows) Established uptrend support (red line) 6.19.14 Thursday [8:33am CT] Entered Calls @ $52.70 Initiating call...
by Kay Kim


$AEM The Flying Kitten

Last Update: 7.9.14 6.18.14 Wednesday The Process.. This wasn’t the trade-setup, but it actually was the ‘rescue mission’.  We have been long on this miner since late March (long-term positions) and I wante...
by Kay Kim



My $TSLA Calls

  Last Update: 7.14.14 Related Article 6.17.14 “$TSLA Going Back Up [Target Price: $340]“ 6.17.14 Tuesday [8:32am CT] Entered Calls @ $223.27 Full analysis here.  Target price: $340.00 [Market Close] Good foll...
by Kay Kim


S&P 500 The Balloon $SPY $SPX $DIA $QQQ $IWM $IYT [Part 3]

Related Articles 6.20.14 “S&P 500 The Balloon $SPY $SPX [Part 1]“ 7.02.13 “S&P 500 The Balloon $SPX $SPX $DIA $QQQ $IWM [Part 2]“ 7.20.14 Sunday S&P 500 Index [$SPX Daily Chart from the Past ...
by Kay Kim